Miami to Trump: We don’t want you here!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sunday, March 13th, 2016

10337744_1140597375964344_7886798704904445072_nMiami to Trump: We don’t want you here!  
Trump Cancels Event in Miami After Thousands Show Interest in Protesting

NOTE: There will be a community press conference on Monday at 6:00 p.m. in front of Trump National Doral Miami (4400 NW 87th Ave, Miami, Florida 33178)

Miami, FL – One day before Donald Trump’s expected rally in Doral, the campaign announced that the event was “postponed”. This cancellation comes after nearly 3,000 people had shown their support to several Facebook events organizing protests, inspired by the recent cancellation of his events in other cities including Chicago and Jacksonville.

As the levels of violence increase against peaceful protesters at Trump events, people are clearly not letting fear win and are, instead, standing together in even larger numbers to send a clear message to the Republican front-runner that they will not accept his rhetoric of hate, racism and intolerance.

The people standing to stop Donald Trump’s hate speech are the ones that make this country great; we are students, business owners, farmworkers, moms and dads, who contribute every single day to our community and our economy. This is not just about Trump’s hate rhetoric and disrespect towards our families and communities; we are the new face of America standing to defend the values of freedom and opportunity this country was built on,” says Tomas Kennedy from New Florida Majority, a Miami student who was undocumented for over 10 years and who will vote for the first time this election. “I will not only make my voice heard in the streets but also at the polls, and I will never forget how politicians like Trump treated my family and my community.

Trump’s campaign announced that they might be back in Miami Tuesday evening if he wins the primaries in Florida.

“The amount of people interested in protesting Trump’s event was higher than we initially thought. I was approached by neighbors and friends who are not active in the community, and even by people in the streets, saying that they want to support our efforts and make their voices heard to stop Trump,”  said Saul Aleman, a student leader from Homestead Equal Rights for All. “Even if he wins this Tuesday, what happened this weekend should let Trump know that his chances of making it beyond the primaries will be hard in Florida.


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  1. I understand your feelings about Trump, however, I hope you realize that he is what the entire Republican Party represents. The only difference between Trump and the rest of the Republican Party is that Trump does not hide the racism that has been there all along – just look at how the Republican Party has treated Obama AS SOON AS HE TOOK OFFICE. They threatened to make Obama a one term president. Our goal should be to elect a Democrat, and utilize a strategy to defeat ANY REPUBLICAN. Here is the strategy:
    1) Polls show Trump would lose the General Election to either Democrat
    2) Polls show either Democrat would lose to Cruz, Rubio, or any other Republican
    3) Republicans must pledge support for their nominee, and some have already been forced to say they would support Trump, if he is the nominee.
    4) If Trump wins the nomination, Democrats can tie the support of Republican candidates IN ANY ELECTION, thereby winning back the senate and state legislatures, which WOULD BREAK THEIR POWER OF OBSTRUCTION.
    5) As awful as it seems, we must stop attacking Trump until AFTER his nomination, or attack whoever the Republican candidate is that begins to rise against Trump BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.
    6) Democrats are very divided, with 33% of Bernie supporters opposed to voting for Clinton if she is the nominee. We must unite this party if we are going to win the general, since Republican voters have been outnumbering Democrats so far.
    I hope we can select the candidate who best represents our goals for the future: reducing income inequality, increasing wages, affordable healthcare, affordable education, eliminating finance sector corruption, combating climate change, preserving Social Security, and expanding Medicaid, Medicare. The Democratic candidates are the only ones who support these goals, and I hope you all join
    me in doing everything we can to achieve them.


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