Cara Jennings Responds to Rick Scott’s Latest Shenanigans

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Cara Jennings Responds to Rick Scott’s Latest Shenanigans

The “Starbucks Protester” Steps up for California, Underpaid Floridians and even for Kids who need Dentists; invites Floridians to say #StopRickScott

Watch video here

Lake Worth, FL – After the well-known incident at a Starbucks in Gainesville, FL, in which Cara Jennings called out Governor Scott for his not-so-great record when it comes to creating jobs, as well as for cutting funds for vital health care services for low-income women, Jennings reached out to the Governor’s office to extend him a formal invitation to address these and other issues over a coffee.

Unfortunately, the Governor’s office never responded to Jennings’ request. Instead, his PAC released a TV ad attacking her. Then, the Governor went back to his usual shenanigans blasting an ad attacking the entire state of California, while denying dental care for Florida’s families.

Today, Jennings had a little bit more to say to Rick Scott. She released a video and an opinion piece responding to the Governor, reminding him that this is not about her, but about the millions of Floridians who have been affected by Scott’s not-so-funny shenanigans. In her video, Jennings invites other Floridians to participate in the conversation using the hashtag #StopRickScott


Cara Jennings

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