Governor Scott, who will keep Florida’s Women Health and Safe?

Media Advisory: Wednesday, June 22nd at 10:30 a.m.
Marcia Olivo, 761-1148


Women in Miami and Tampa confront Governor Scott’s new law which suggests they should be able to access preventive services for sexual and reproductive health at any medical center

WHAT: Women and community advocates visit dental clinics in Miami and Tampa to request access to sexual and reproductive health services
WHEN: Wednesday, June 22nd at 10:30 a.m.
WHERE: Jessie Trice Community Health Center – 5607 NW 27th Ave. Miami Fl 33142

WHO:  Miami Workers Center, Women’s Emergency Network, Organize Now, The Women’s Fund, New Florida Majority
WHY: A couple of months after Governor Scott signed into law House Bill 1411 (HB1411) that diminishes access to healthcare and the right to get a safe abortion for thousands of Floridians, groups of women and advocates expose controversial facts about the law that Governor Scott’s defends.
Women in Miami and Tampa will visit local dental clinics and request a pap smear in order to debunk the wrongful idea that services for women’s sexual and reproductive health can be provided at any medical center. Governor Scott has not only cut funding for Planned Parenthood, but also refuses to accept federal funds available for the state of Florida to expand Medicaid.
The passage of HB 1411 diminishes access to healthcare and the right to get a safe abortion for thousands of Floridians. Domestic violence, sexual assault, the lack of affordable housing and child care, detention and deportation, and income inequality all hinder women, particularly women of color, from fully participating in the determination of their own futures, their family and communities.
“If Governor Rick Scott and lawmakers really cared about babies, they would expand access to these services rather than stall on accepting federal funds to expand Medicaid,” says Trenise Bryant, member of the Miami Workers Center. “Instead of waging a political jihad against Planned Parenthood and trying to close down the only source of health care available to thousands of women of reproductive age in our state, they would expand family planning through Medicaid to prevent unintended pregnancy and make sure women who have babies can be their healthiest.”

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