Versailles, don’t welcome Trump!

trump-versaillesUnited Families, a group of immigrant undocumented families in South Florida, wrote a letter to the owner of Versailles Miami, Mr. Felipe Valls, asking him to not welcome Donald Trump as he plans to have a campaign-related event.

The letter will be delivered later tonight to Mr. Valls in Versailles by representatives of United Families. 

Below is the full content of the letter: 

Mr. Felipe Valls (Sr3555 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135)

Mr. Valls,

We, the immigrant community, want to express a profound disappointment with the news that prospective Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will have lunch with members of the Hispanic community in your restaurant on Friday, July 8th.

Versailles restaurant has been for years a refuge where immigrants have come together to express our disagreement and opposition against events that have affected our community and your doors have always been open to immigrants who look for a place to share their experiences.  It is for that reason that we are very disappointed that your restaurant is welcoming a person who does not sympathize with our community and effectively has used us as scapegoats in his path for power. Mr. Trump has utilized his racist and xenophobic rhetoric to attack our community but now that he is facing the general election electorate he seeks to amend ties with our people.

By means of this letter we ask that as an immigrant you think through the possible consequences that a meeting with Trump in Versailles would have for the people that regularly visit the restaurant. It’s truly a shame that as a community we have to accept that a person who has attacked us so viciously will seat in the same place that our families, neighbors, colleagues and friends feel welcome and without fear of being discriminated for their race or place of origin.

We ask that you do not go through with this meeting in order to demonstrate, as you have for many years, that Versailles is a bastion for our community and that it should not bear the stain of Trump’s hateful rhetoric.

United Families

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