Indigenous Students, Faculty and Community Members Demand FIU to Change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day

abolish-colombus-dayMEDIA ADVISORY FOR: Monday, October 10th at 4:00 p.m.

WHAT:      Rally and March
WHEN:     Monday, October 10, 2016
TIME:       4:00pm
WHERE:   11200 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33199

MIAMI, FL – On Monday October 10th, known as Columbus Day, indigenous students, faculty and other community members will march at 4:00pm in the FIU 8th street entrance in solidarity with indigenous tribes and nations that make up FIU student body, local community, and the nation. They will hold FIU Student Government accountable for upholding the legacy of colonization, genocide and enslavement, and demand FIU to change Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Recently, the group called upon FIU’s Student Government to abolish Columbus Day and allow the recognition of the genocide and atrocities committed through colonization against Indigenous people, by creating an Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Unfortunately, FIU Student Government denied its indigenous students this change and continues to glorify the man who began the genocide and colonization of indigenous people.

“Changing Columbus Day into Indigenous Peoples’ Day would pave the way for the American Indian community. It would place in our hands the narrative that has been used against us in the creation of this nation, and allow for the acknowledgement of centuries of human oppression, and expose the actions of a man who murdered, raped and enslaved. Indigenous peoples’ day would be the place to begin that conversation, and begin the path of healing.” – Eden Jumper, FIU Students and Seminole Tribal Member

“Indigenous Peoples’ day is not a movement of hate, but of empowerment. It serves to restore the native people’s voice, which we have been wrongfully denied until now. Indigenous Peoples’ Day can be used by Natives as a platform to spread cultural appreciation and acknowledge their perseverance in the face of devastation; if any celebration represents bravery it is Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” – Kelly Hounshell, FIU Student from the Miccosukee Tribe

“FIU NAACP stands in solidarity with the Global Indigenous Group at FIU against the violent legacy of colonization, and its efforts to abolish celebrating the genocide and colonization on Columbus Day, and changing that day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day. In the struggle we remain.” – Brittany Reed, President of the FIU Chapter of the NAACP

“Columbus Day commemorates the legacy of a man and a culture that has reduced the rich traditions/cultures of indigenous nations to reservations.  As a school who prides itself for its diversity, FIU should be among the leaders to honor the lives that have been lost and celebrate the value of the various indigenous folks who are oftentimes left forgotten. While learning more of Indigenous Peoples’ contributions/history is a must in order to accurately depict the past of the US, reserving a holiday for Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a fundamental first step.” -Nahil Carranza, Students Working for Equal Rights

“Columbus day is a holiday that celebrates colonization and murder. The concept of that Columbus discovered the America’s is misleading and eurocentric. We stand with our allies who are demanding recognition.” -Tomas Kennedy, United Families.

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