NEW Interactive Game for Teen Pregnancy Prevention

May is National Month for Teen Pregnancy Prevention

As part of the activities planned for May, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy is launching a new interactive game to educate youth and parents about how to prevent an unwanted pregnancy and how to talk about it.

“Everyone can play a role in preventing teen pregnancy, including adults, but many do not know how to start this conversation,” said National Campaign Director, Ginny Ehrlich. “During this special month, we’re not only sharing information and resources with teens and youth, but we also want to support parents, aunts, older siblings and teachers so they know how to talk about this with teens and become trusted adults.”

During the month of May, the National Campaign invites teens and their parents to visit and take advantage of the new resources available for all ages:

Despite the historic decline in teen pregnancy rates over the past two decades, eight out of every ten people in the United States still consider teen pregnancy a significant problem when compared to other social and economic challenges in their communities.

About the National Campaign: The National Campaign is a private, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the lives and future chances of children and families by preventing teenage and unplanned pregnancies. Please visit us at or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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