ICE Gives 30 Days to Terminally Ill Domestic Worker, a New Victim of “Silent Raids” in South Florida

Miami, FL – Reyna Gómez, an undocumented domestic worker from Honduras who has been living in South Florida for more than 15 years, attended today her routine check-in with ICE at their field office in Miramar and was granted only 30 days to stay in the country before her next check-in. Reyna fears going back in July and becoming another victim of the “silent raids“. 

My life is literally at risk if I go back to Honduras,” says Reyna Gómez, who is currently being treated for a rare form of Leukemia and needs medication every three months. “For 15 years I have done everything within my reach to address my immigration status, but our broken immigration system denied every opportunity and gives me only 30 days to do something or I could be deported me back to a place where my life was threatened and where I will not have the medical attention I need.

Reyna left Honduras fleeing an abusive relationship and requested asylum but was denied and, instead, given a deportation order. She is currently petitioning for Deferred Action based on her medical needs, but needs more than 30 days for that.

This is torture. Reyna waited inside the ICE office for more than 3 hours for a response, and even had to deal with her sugar level dropping, to get only 30 days? Do they even notice or care that we are human beings?” says Marcia Olivo, Executive Director of the Miami Workers Center, the organization where Reyna is a leader in the fight for the rights of immigrants and domestic workers like her. “This is just another example of how much the current administration cares about women who are survivors of abuse or about our medical needs.”

A group of community members accompanied Reyna to her check-in and stayed outside until she came out. Immigrant communities fear that ICE check-ins are becoming silent raids and are afraid to go alone. Some are even considering not showing up at all.

Reyna needed our support today and we were there. We need to organize Circles of Protection to defend each other from immigration enforcement that is terrorizing our communities”, says Maria Bilbao, South Florida Organizer with United We Dream. “We have been denouncing for months how good people are being kidnapped in that sinister building when they are complying with the law and attending their routine check-ins. It is time for our elected officials, influential people and other organizations to join these Circles of Protection in order to stop this disgusting practices.

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