Letters for detained immigrant children

Students from all over Miami-Dade County are gathering in their schools, homes, places of worship and in their communities to write letters to immigrant children detained at the Homestead Child Detention Center.

They will be using their summer break as an opportunity to share messages of love, welcome, and support, and to demand that our country stops detaining immigrant children.

“All I want is for children to be free and with their families. I want them to know we love them and that we are here for them” says Leah, 13 year old student.

Hannah, 10 years old, tells the children she’s thinking about them:

Leah and a group of students and parents will deliver the letters on Memorial Day, Monday May 27th, at the detention center, in an event organized by the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), WeCount, the Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC)-, and others.

Becky, 12 years old, tells the children not to lose hope because she knows they will see their families again:

There are currently approximately 3,200 children being held at the Homestead detention center in Florida, which has become now the largest detention site for migrant children in the United States after the Trump administration nearly duplicated its original capacity in the recent months.

Most of these children have fled violence and poverty in Central America and are seeking asylum. But instead of being released to their families or other sponsors in the community, many will spend weeks or months in detention, with lasting traumatic effects.

AFSC is leading a campaign to shut down the Homestead detention center and end child detention:

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