Immigrants at ICE Detention Camps in Louisiana Denounce Unlivable Conditions After Hurricane Laura

Family members say their loved ones have started a hunger strike at Lasalle ICE Processing Center

LOUISIANA – Immigrants detained by ICE at Lasalle ICE Processing Center and Jackson Parish Correctional Center in Louisiana, and their family members, are releasing videos and denouncing unlivable conditions after Hurricane Laura hit the state causing floods, as well as power and water outages, intensifying even more the risk of spread of Coronavirus. 

Video taken by a person detained at Jackson Parish Correctional Center

According to messages from detainees and family members (shared below), after Hurricane Laura passed, the detention facilities have been flooded with urine and feces, they have no electricity, no clean food, no clean water, and no air circulation. Due to the lack of electricity, the air conditioning is not working and they can’t sleep inside the premises with little to no ventilation, forcing them to sleep outside in the open air in their underwear. 

The hurricane worsened the already unsanitary conditions in which immigrants are forced to live in at many ICE facilities throughout the country, making these detention centers hotspots for the spread of the virus in the middle of a global pandemic. According to immigrants detained at Jackson Parish, there are already 25 confirmed cases and some people are in solitary confinement on suspicion of COVID as there is no evidence available to confirm. 

Family members are demanding an immediate release for all immigrants in ICE custody at these facilities, and have sent the following messages asking for help: 

Daylin’s husband is at Lasalle in Louisiana: “ They are saying they are going to go on a hunger strike now. They are being killed. The mattresses are wet, the floor is wet, everything is wet. There’s only air conditioning at the administration offices, inmates don’t have any. There’s not even water to flush the toilet or for anything.” 

Annette’s husband was transferred from Florida to Lasalle in Louisiana: “Lasalle is in terrible condition, they don’t have electricity, there’s a power plant that supplies power to the offices or part of the bunker, they don’t have water all day to drink, and they don’t have where to store water for them to consume. The walls are wet and the floor flooded as if they had thrown a bucket of water, they are now without clothes in their underpants because the heat is consuming them, and they were told that these conditions could last up to two weeks. In this country dogs are more respected than the human rights of people detained in the detention center by ICE, the question is how long it is necessary to continue holding on and this becomes an outrage, I do not understand why the administration of this country applies so much corruption and nothing happens?”

Arlety’s husband was also transferred from Florida to Lasalle in Louisiana: “I don’t know what to do or where to seek help, I want to tell the world what my husband is going through. My husband called me today and told me that the conditions were deplorable since that cyclone passed, they are experiencing heat, going hungry, thirsty, because of the humidity there is water everywhere on the floor. I don’t know what to do where to ask for help, this is really maddening. Not even the dogs of this country are treated like that.”

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